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The Urban Dining League is a pop-up dining experience that specializes in providing American comfort food in the city of Chicago and the surrounding suburban areas. The Urban Dining League's main focus is to provide an exceptional, unique, interactive and entertaining dining experience through the form of pop-up dining events in various venues and locations throughout Chicago and surrounding areas. Our company aims to pair private, artsy, hip, unique and visually stimulating venues with fresh, well prepared, unique and visually stimulating meals and entertainment to form an exceptional dining experience for our customers. The services provided by The Urban Dining League are unique and will provide a new and exciting approach to dining out. The events are intimate, only hosting 25-30 customers. In this day and age of wonderful social media, The Urban Dining League strives to get people as excited about food and the ability to form human connections as they are about updating and checking social media statuses. The Urban Dining League doesn't just sell food to nourish bodies, we offer an experience to enrich souls.  Want to join the fun? Check out our events page and register for an upcoming brunch or dinner event.  Hope to see you soon!

Erika Wilson

Owner & Chef

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